Import Sequence Number

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When you are updating a bulk of data, I really recommend that you use this feature ISN available from version 1.2024.5 and later in the Bulk Data Updater tool in XrmToolBox. Why?

Almost every table includes this column: Import Sequence Number (importsequencenumber) with type Whole Number (int) that accepts a value of -2G to +2G (-2147483648 to 2147483647).

I know the documentation says it is only used during import and migration, but for me this is a very good feature to set this value for all bulk updates, so we can easily find the affected records by simply filter by the Import Sequence Number.

Keeping track of which we have been acting on.

Using I.S.N. feature

If you check the “Set ISN” box, it will be set on the updated records.

Default number

This tool will find a proper value if the “Default” box is checked. Default is found by starting with which day we are on and then adding a three-digit random number. The format will be yymmddnnn so it is easy to sort by it to see which day we used this tool.

The screenshot above shows it with the value 240502065, which means it was done on May 2, 2024. The last part, 065, was just a random number.

Set the ISN value

Any number can be set manually. You may just set 1, and next time you may set 2, and so on.

Set whatever you want, but I definitely suggest you use it.

See updated records in FetchXML Builder

With the current value, it will open the FetchXML Builder tool with a query that will find the records that were updated by Bulk Data Updater.


There is no validation that this ISN number has not been used before.