XRM Tokens Runner for Microsoft Dataverse

This is a tool creating XRM Tokens for Microsoft Dataverse and XrmToolBox. Use it to create XRM Tokens, or test for to work it, and to use Bulk Data Update tool.

XRM Tokens documents: https://jonasr.app/xrm-tokens/
Code / discussions / issues: https://github.com/rappen/XRMTokensRun

Documentation – tool

  1. Select the table (entity) to test.
  2. Lookup which record to test the XRM Tokens.
  3. This is the selected record.
  4. The text, including simple text and the XRM Tokens.
  5. These buttons help how to create the XRM Tokens.
    1. Column is simple columns (attributes), and more complex with link-entity and value and formatting.
    2. System gets information as user, time, etc.
    3. Expand is complex to get “children” if current record.
    4. If can return different from an IF for the values.
  6. Add Manuel to get manual code with easy help.
  7. The results are always updated as you work with the text and XRM Tokens.


Simple column example.
Complex column, returning the Job Title of the account’s primary contact and replace from to VP to The Boss, if it is there.


System simple, the current date and time.
System shows current user’s manager, only last name.