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Hi, I’m Jonas.

I live about 20 km north of Stockholm, Sweden. Some people would say “25 minutes”, but since I only travel by car when I absolutely have to, it’s still 20 km to me. The time it takes on the light rail is more relevant since I usually work the first and last 21 minutes of my day there.

I got a stroke on 2021-02-16. Oops.
Read more: stroke.jonasr.app

Speaking of my work, I’ve been doing development in one form or another since I started my professional life in 1994.

For many years, my preferred technology was Object Pascal with Borland Delphi.
Those were the days…

But then in 2009 I slipped on a banana peel* into working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 at a tiny consultancy called Cinteros. Working in the devvy side of the platform I soon started building helper methods, proxy classes and other types of utilities to make the development slightly smoother than working just with vanilla SDK.

Whenever I get good at something, this new technology pops up and I’m behind again.

It’s frustrating.
And I love it.

That urge to “not have to work too hard” has followed me throughout my career, and in the Dynamics and Power Platform space it has taken the shape of open sources tools to not only make my own life easier, but to make the lives of anyone working with the platform easier.

Eventually, my laziness turned into tools for everyone that are still visible as tiny breadcrumb traces in the open source tools universe…

My big block buster FetchXML Builder is used roughly 1.000.000 times globally every year. That is an insane number. I have created other tools too for the XrmToolBox. Usually driven by me being lazy – I want it to be easier to perform my work – but on a few occasions I have created tools by request from community friends or directly from Microsoft.
Follow daily updated usage stats for my tools.

Creating tools opened a new door for me – I started getting invitations to speak at conferences. Super scary in the beginning – but it turns out I actually quite enjoy the thrill of throwing myself into a session that should be well prepared, but still leave a decent amount of it open to reactions from the audience and to my own whims.
Read more about my speaking engagements.

My tools, my speaking, and this blog led to another huge door being opened – I earned the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional recognition in March 2017.
Read more about the MVP award.

I consider myself techy and I guess most people around me agree, but I always have a feeling of not keeping up with what is happening within the area I am working, whenever I get good at something, this new technology pops up and I’m behind again.

* Not literally. To slip on a banana peel into something is a Swedish expression meaning that it happened by chance, without any deliberate intent. It does not have the negative/embarrassing connotations that I see in the English expression “slip on a banana skin“.

Quick facts

NameJonas Rapp
X / Twitter@rappen
WorkCRM-Konsulterna, Stockholm
CRM devsince 1994
Dynamics CRMsince 2009
Microsoft MVPsince 2017
mvp id5002475
PodcastXrmToolCast co-host

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