Easter week in the media

Jonas Rapp 2019-04-15 week in media

As the Easter approaches, this is a short week at work.Nevertheless, a lot has happened around the media. Here's a recap. Press release On Monday I started my new job at CRM-Konsulterna, an infinitesimal Dynamics consultancy (compared to Avanade that I just came from) started by fellow MVP Gustaf Westerlund. My signing was highlighted in … Continue reading Easter week in the media

CRM, xRM, 365, CDS – are we chasing ghosts?

Business Solutions MVP Jukka Niiranen recently wrote yet another in-depth analysis of the path Microsoft is taking from Dynamics CRM, via xRM to Dynamics 365 and the greater ecosystem including CDS, Logic Apps, Power Apps etc. The article led to a brief but interesting Twitter-discussion between Jukka and a Swedish colleague of mine, Peter Björkmarker. … Continue reading CRM, xRM, 365, CDS – are we chasing ghosts?

To the eXtreme

This year I will be attending my fourth eXtremeCRM Europe conference. After joining the eXtremeCRM conference in Prague (2011), Rome (2013) and Barcelona (2014) I will join this year's edition as well, which will be hosted in Madrid on April 20-23. Besides tons of sessions on the cutting edge of Dynamics CRM development, there are … Continue reading To the eXtreme

Are You a Rock Star?

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM community is constantly growing, and it does so in many directions. Now we are all (who desire to sign up for it) ranked by our individual CRM Rock Star shine! Just enter your certs, projects and inspirations and – voila! – you get your ranking in your own country and globally. … Continue reading Are You a Rock Star?

The Welcome Post

There must be a Welcome Post.So this is it.Welcome to my blog about development on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform!The blog will focus on plugin development in C# and UI development in javascript, but in the words of mama Gump - Ya never know what'ya gonna get.