Easter week in the media

As the Easter approaches, this is a short week at work.
Nevertheless, a lot has happened around the media.

Here’s a recap.

Press release

On Monday I started my new job at CRM-Konsulterna, an infinitesimal Dynamics consultancy (compared to Avanade that I just came from) started by fellow MVP Gustaf Westerlund. My signing was highlighted in Swedish media through this press release.

Microsoft Flow tip

On Tuesday my recording of a Two Minute Tuesday for the CRM MVP Podcast, recorded from the lift in Snoqualmie Summit was released. In this tip I encourage the use of variables in Microsoft Flow, to make it easier to alter the triggers and where to extract contextual information used throughout the Flow.

XrmToolCast episode 8

Later the same day, episode 8 of the XrmToolCast was released. In this episode, me and co-host Daryl LaBar talked to Natraj Yegnaraman from Australia. Natraj has quite a few contributions to the Dynamics community in the form of a handful of tools for the XrmToolBox, but his most popular “tool” is of course the Level Up extension to Chrome (and now Edge).

Fireside chat with nz365guy

And before this short week was over, my chat with Mark Smith on the nz365guy podcast aired. We talk about Dynamics, tools, life in Stockholm, the feeling of still being a rookie after more than two years as an MVP, and the coincidences that led to my short career in American Football.

That’s it for this week!

Don’t expect me to keep up that pace for next week… ?

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