FetchXML Builder July 2020 Release

With the July 2020 release of FetchXML Builder for XrmToolBox the new Column Comparison feature of the FetchXML language is supported. Read more about all new features and fixes below.

New Features

Column Comparison

This feature of FetchXML got a lot of buzz from the community when it was announced by Microsoft on 2020-07-14.

Thanks to contributions from fellow tool creator Mark Carrington this feature is now fully supported natively in FetchXML Builder.

Multi-Select Picklist ContainValues conditions

Condition operators contain-values and does-not-contain-values are available for multi-select picklist attributes, and now there is support in FetchXML Builder for this type of filtering, again with contributions from Mark Carrington.

Export, Import and Delete Repositories

The Repository in FetchXML Builder is used to store commonly used queries.
The new features allow you to export your repository queries to a file, which can then be imported by other FXB users.
This allows us to share repositories of useful queries with a broader community.

Customizable XML color scheme

The colors used to make the FetchXML easier to read can now be fully customizable in the FXB Options!

Don’t worry if you should happen to select something really ugly, there is always the Reset button to get back the default colors.


Lookup conditions can select from personal views

The introduction of a lookup dialog to select guids for related records that was introduced in the May 2020 release did not have support to select records form personal views.

Now it does.

Simplified result output options

FXB used to be able to render results in a number of different XML serialization styles, this has now been simplified to the four options visible in the screenshot above.

Replacing links to new webpage

All urls related to FetchXML Builder have now been replaced to direct users to https://fetchxmlbuilder.com/ where all information about the tool is collected in one place, including a forum for questions, ideas and feedback!

Following Microsoft by replacing CDS with Dataflex

The latest whim in the ever-ongoing branding bingo states that CDS (Common Data Service) is no more, instead it shall be called Microsoft Dataflex Pro. Since FetchXML Builder also supports Microsoft Dataflex this is the brand now used in the tool.


Customer Address lookup conditions

Customer address relationships are not like other relationships… but now it is possible to use the lookup dialog also for these relationships!

Power Automate List Records Parameters hint fix

The copy-paste-demon hit me, but now it’s been fixed. I won’t reveal more than that.

Full list of changes

The full list of changes can be found in the release on GitHub:

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  1. I’m now getting this error when trying to pull it into SQL
    Failed to generate SQL Query.

    Unsupported SQL condition operator ‘in’

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