FXB & FXE are 7 years old πŸ‘¨β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘¨

I just read a LinkedIn post from Jordi MontaΓ±a VΓ‘zquez about his excellence test tools FakeXrmEasy. On 23 November the tool was 7 years anniversary! πŸ₯³

Hey, something from “FXE” remines me about “FXB“, and didn’t I release FetchXML Builder about some time 2014, and probably roughly just 7 years ago?

How old?

Of course I started to check the History for FetchXML Builder. There are no dates… Hm.


So I check the NuGet for FetchXML Builder, as this is where all XrmToolBox tools are published. Hm, first release was from 2016-04-28. What happened before that??


Before the NuGet release was introduce by Tanguy Touzard (and me 😏 (well I only chat a bit with Mr. T)) – the tools we only ask people to “install” by just download the dll and put it in the XrmToolBox folder. So I was using GitHub for my tools.


Checking my first release from GitHub, but it only goes back to 2015-01-28. Hm, did I use other sites before? What happened before that?


It started to be release on CodePlex, but it has died so I can’t look for it now. Try to open the site codeplex.com just moves you to microsoft.com. So it died hard on 2021-07-01, retired 2017, and birth 2006. Bye bye.

But I know I had some website for early FetchXML Builder, using fxb.xrmtoolbox.com. Will that only move on to fetchxmlbuilder.com. Hm.

Into the lost history

So I try in the old branch on GitHub. There were some files for the early website?

Ah, there is the index.html! And sure, it start with:


Ok, we’re on to something!

Start getting down the trenches, and way down and other file – This Is It! Look at this: https://github.com/rappen/FetchXMLBuilder/blob/old-docs/docs/javascripts/rappen-gh-api.js#L203-L219

One red thing says the downloads, and the one right is the dates!

We see that it is comment, but it is right! So this is the only history of my child…

FetchXML Builder was born the
21 November 2014.
2 days before
FakeXrmEasy was born.

I guess we’re twins.

Edit: the FetchXML Builder History page has now been updated with the birth date!

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