New Tool – XRM Tokens Runner

XrmToolBox just got their 13’s tool from me!

See documentation for the tool.

The Code

It is a brand-new tool, for really-old code feature. The “code” is now called the XRM Tokens and the info is here and the code is open source found here.

It is used in many different ways, in old workflows, plugins, Word-generating, etc, to create advanced “texts” with dynamic data from the records itself, and related parent record and child records too.

There is no limit to the XRM Tokens! Oh well, there are always limits…

A not if these things can be used in Microsoft Power Automate, but it is always async etc, while the XRM Tokes is used “in” your code, without calling out from somewhere else.

The Tool

This tool makes it so much easier to compose the XRM Tokens from the Dataverse metadata and helpers, and the result of the selected record will be showed direct when you are creating the XRM Tokens.

The text can be created completely raw text, getting some help with snippets, or very tools for each differents features.

Check the docs for the tool:

Check the docs for the XRM Tokens:


The tool XrmToolBox Bulk Data Updater can be using XRM Tokens to update a bunch of records, by the datas itself their data… 🤯 This new tool helps a lot to create the XRM Tokens for Bulk Data Updater. See the Calculate docs here.

And soon, the Bulk Data Updater will get an integration direct to the XRM Tokens Runner tool!

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  1. Hi Jonas, you mention that this tooling can be used for word-generating. Do you have an example of this? Or perhaps a resource that explains how to use the returned XRM Tokens in a workflow or a word-template?

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