New Release – Bulk Data Updater 1.2022.4

This release has only a few new additions.
But I really love these new features!

Read from the Bulk Data Updater Release Notes:

Calculate [almost] all types

The Calculate feature was quite nice but very limited as you could only use it for the target of text-type columns.

This is now improved!

Example: calculate to set lookup columns.

See the docs for BDU and Calculate.

Column types

Bulk Data Updater can update these types:

  • Text / String / Memo
  • Boolean / Yes or No
  • Whole Number / Int / BigInt
  • Decimal / Double
  • Money
  • DateTime
  • Picklist / OptionSet / Choice
  • Custom / Lookup / Uniqueid

Still missing: Owner, State, Status, PartyList, CalanderRules, EntityName, ManageProperty, Virtual, Choices


Bypass Custom Business Logic

๐Ÿค“ This is great – and a bit scary… ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

With one small checkbox, you can disable all custom plugins and other logic for all Updated, Assign, SetState, or Delete requests.

You have to know what it does, as skipping executing business logic can get unwanted consequences and you can miss things your solution needs.

Note: It is not only disabling “your own” logic but all others that are not from the “core” functionality.

You really should read this doc from Microsoft. You don’t have to read the code in there, but make sure you understand what it does.

๐Ÿ’ช You get a lot of power, please be gentle… ๐Ÿ™

Remember: Make sure that you know what you are doing!


Lookup to Assign

You may have many users and teams… well, I don’t, my small demo environments are all small…

If users want to update Assign it may be a mess if you have a gazillion users.

So instead of two combo boxes (one for user, one for team), it is now changed to one lookup. I am actually using “my library” and it is very easy to implement the tool control, and it is a lot easier to use the lookup dialog for the users.

Using general control to lookup user or team.


Minor things

  • Layout for status text
  • Link to Release Notes are aiming for this specifical version

This is still developed by Jonas RappTwitterLinkedInGitHub.

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  1. Janas, thatโ€™s wonderful, thank you so much for contributing and sharing!

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