Release Notes for Bulk Data Updater

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Version 1.2022.11.2

Released on 2022-11-11

Calculate with Microsoft Power Fx

This is a pretty cool feature…

The XRM Tokens have been there for a while, to calculate values for updating columns.

From this version, both this Bulk Data Updater and the XRM Tokens Runner can use the Microsoft Power Fx formulas, inside the XRM Tokens!

A few examples:

<PowerFx|Round({price|<value>}*(1+({pricelist.yearlyincrease}/100)); 2)>
Result: 10,35   // from price = $9,95 and increase = 4%

<PowerFx|Round( Pi() * Sqrt({rapp_diameter} / 2); 1 ))
Result: 22,2    // from diameter = 100

Result: 2022

Read more in the docs for XRM Tokens here!

Version 1.2022.11.1

Released on 2022-11-02


XRM Token feature

Version 1.2022.8.1

Released on 2022-08-02

Read all details: New Release – Bulk Data Updater 1.2022.8

  • New feature: Open and SaveBDU Jobs“. See #167 from the idea by @Rasmus Peterson in discussion #164.
  • Stores all options (FetchXML, Update attributes, Attributes actions, Assigning, SetStatus, and all execution options) between sessions.
  • Supports Random features in Calculations. See docs in XRM Tokens here. Asked about @k-Jithesh in discussion #163.
  • Supports Choices (MultiOptionSets) in Calculations. See note on XRM Tokens here and this about how to use it. Asked about @Suxsem in issue #166.
  • Supports Trim features in Calculation. See note on XRM Tokens here and request by @MscrmTools in #102.
  • Using XrmToolBox metadata cache if available. It takes a bit to load it, but then superfast. See the code.
  • A bit less risk of double-clicking on buttons. See code here and here.
  • Minor fix: Handling changing the connection while using BDU.
  • Fixing a bug in XRM Tokens – handling format order as it’s written, not any more hard-coded order. See issue #18.

Version 1.2022.4.2

Released on 2022-04-29

Read all details: New Release – Bulk Data Updater 1.2022.4

Version 1.2022.3.3

Released on 2022-03-19

  • Using DB version “old” had a problem, is now fixed. See #156 issue and this commit.
  • Release Notes moved to this website.
  • Show release notes when a new version is running.

Version 1.2022.2.1

Released on 2022-02-27

  • Minor fixes – gets a bit better!
  • Using XrmToolBox error messages.

Version 1.2022.1.1

Released on 2022-01-12

  • Use the tool to create calculated tokens: XRM Tokens Runner – now integrated with a simple click!
    See release on Twitter:

Version 1.2021.7.1

Released on 2021-07-22

  • Now using Rappen.XTB.Helpers with major support open source
  • Also removed the xrmtb.XrmToolBox.Controls library
  • Not now use ILMerge for more library
  • Using Scintilla for XML texts
  • Supporting updating Multi Select (Choices) (#30)
  • Fixed ‘Update xx entitys’ info (#139)
  • Only reload only small data (#149)
  • Showing local times for Friendly (#100)
  • Older Dynamics can try SetState (#117)
  • Performance improved (#150)
  • Calculate is only for string/memo (#148 start)
  • Added Documentation link

Version 1.2020.12.5

Released on 2020-12-14

  • Calculated column values! Read more at #18 #20 #38 #86
  • Nice and shiny lookup dialog used when setting lookup columns #36
  • Reloading last used query when opening the tool
  • Improved performance when retrieving records
  • Fixed bug when getting errors during Delete
  • Fixing integration from FetchXML Builder

Version 1.2019.12.1

Released on 2019-12-08

  • Reassign records to Team or User #19
  • Update Status and Status Reason #15
  • Support multi-line values for memo type attributes #11
  • Open records by double clicking in the grid #31
  • Handle Qualify/Win/Lose requests when changing status of Lead/Opportunity #32

Version 1.2019.6.1

Released on 2019-06-126

  • Added option to wait between calls to server. Thanks Mats Sundbergh @cint-mats! #29
  • XML attribute values with only space got trimmed, now fixed. #28
  • Incorrect warning text during Delete. #26
  • Errors were always ignored during Delete, not anymore. #25
  • Fixed tab-order for usability.
  • Rebranded for 2019.

Version 1.2018.10.2

Released on 2018-10-17

  • Option to only update/delete selected records #1
  • ExecuteMultiple for updates to improve performance #3
  • Retrieve all pages instead of just first page (5000 records) #16
  • Bulk Data Updater can now Bulk Delete too #21
  • Added possibility to cancel long running operations #22
  • Edit XML window did not resize well #24

Version 1.2018.6.1

Released on 2018-06-15

  • #14 Do not reload records when not needed
  • #17 Add support for attribute types Decimal, Double and Customer
  • Rebranding

Version 1.2018.4.1

Released on 2018-04-01

  • #9 It is now possible to update multiple attributes at the same time.
  • Adding AppInsights statistics.
  • Merging dependencies to prevent conflicting versions.

Version 1.2017.6.14

Released on 2017-06-13

  • Service update to use latest packages from XrmToolBox, MSDyn365 SDK and CRMWinForm to align with other plugins.
  • Possibility to update attributes of types Boolean, DateTime and Lookup (thanks to @medevil84)
  • Version check removed, now handled by XrmToolBox
  • Using SettingsManager from XrmToolBox
  • Hiding all attributes not available for update

Launch 1.2016.6.8

Released on 2016-06-16

This tool is useful to trigger workflows or plugins, as well as bulk updating any number of records with fixed values.
Note: This plugin requires the FetchXML Builder to be installed to work properly!