Release Notes for Bulk Data Updater

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Version 1.2024.5.3

Released on 2024-05-23

Smallest update, but huge bugfix for some

  • Opening from a View in Dataverse crashed badly if your environment contained more than 5000 views. Now it’s fixed.
  • Retrieving records from a view didn’t make it possible to Stop loading. Now it is.

That’s all folks!

Version 1.2024.5.2

Released on 2024-05-17

Purer and cleaner interface

Read more about these changes in my blog post Tools can always be improved.

  • Removing Big Buttons in the main window and moving them to the menu Fetch Data
  • Extracted Execute Options to a form for step to Execute
  • Extracted Add/Edit Attributes to update into a separate form
  • Removed radio box to work on all records or only the selected; now it’s always the selected records
  • Added a Select All button to easier – ehh – select all records

Extracting into separate forms can be read about it – if you are curious. Dig down at Commit

πŸ’₯ New features

  • Support new options on Bypass Custom Business LogicIssue #219. Note: This is currently available in a Preview state.
  • Auto-use of Import Sequence Number attribute. A big thing, at least for me! Read the documentation of the ISN feature!

πŸš€ Improvements

  • Stolen the Open View form from FetchXML Builder. It’s better, it’s faster, it’s nicer!
  • It shows fewer ugly errors when trying to save jobs, and it fails. Thanks to @bwmodular for reporting on Issue #202

😬 Bugfixes

  • Now supports to update Multi Choices – again. During some update releases, this feature was lost… Oops πŸ™„ Thanks to my colleague Alessandro @lsnprt at CRMK for reporting on Issue #213
  • Fixes restore of Friendly/Raw setting. Issue #214
  • Probably fixed some ugly UI error. Issue #217

πŸ€” Internal

  • Using a general feature to open URL-links, delivered by Rappen.XTB.Helper which is available in the shared project. It’s available for every tool developer! Details found here UrlUtils.cs

πŸ€“ Now working on…

  • I’m still trying to add a feature to CREATE records. Not only UPDATE and DELETE, as they currently exist.
    Why? To be able to generate records, maybe for testing data, it could be using the Random feature in XRM Tokens maybe…? The sky is the limit! πŸš€
    Join the discussion in Issue #169!

Version 1.2024.2.2

Released on 2024-02-12

Read more details on my blog: More work ➑️ More features

🀹 UpdateMultiple can now be used

New API method to update many records by only one request.
The old version method ExecuteMultiple is still available. Issue #195

For some crazy idea, I called it MultipleUpdate in the beginning. Why? No idea… It is corrected in version 1.2024.2.2. Thank you Kamil for notifying me!

πŸ”’ More and more info on the Progress Panel

If it takes time, you need more info, e.g., “When will it be done?”

Pro Tip: Use Time per record to test different settings of Batch size, UpdateMultiple vs ExecuteMultiple, and Bypass Custom Business Logic – to see which settings will be done fastest.

πŸ’‘ Smarter filters of which columns to show

Why filtering? It is easier to find what you are looking for. Issue #196

↗️ Update feature can now update State, Status, and Owner

Previously, that has only been available in specific features in Bulk Data Updater, which is now changed.
A good example by @MscrmTools in Issue #204 is we can now use XRM Token to dynamically set all of these three columns.

πŸš€ More improvements

  • It will now highlight if a query does not return the Id for records, which would make it impossible to update them. Issue #174 by @scottgolightly and Issue #211 by TarogStar
  • Warning if there are 50000 records returned and there are orders on linked entities. Limitation of the platform, read here.
  • It is now possible to Save Job even before it has been executed. Issue #207
  • Double-clicking on a record in the list opens that record in Power Platform. Now, it also respects which browser and which profile to open it. Issue #208
  • When connecting to a new connection, the user asks whether the existing setting for the new connection will be loaded or if we should just keep all the settings we have from the previous connection, as requested by @bwmodular. Issue #203
  • πŸ”ƒ Refresh button to query from the Dataverse again. I just missed that small button…
  • Easier – and more beautiful – setting to show columns and data “Friendly” or “Raw“.

😬 Bugfixes

  • Errors were swallowed if the Batch was > 1. Related to Issue #211 by TarogStar
  • The execute options and the Update button are now enabled more easily, as they should be.

πŸ€” Internal

  • A lot of improvements here and there, and a lot more common code used by all features (Update, Assign, Set State, and Delete)

πŸ€“ I’m still working on…

  • Adding a feature to CREATE records, not only UPDATE and DELETE as exists currently.
    Why? To be able to generate records, maybe for testing-data, it could be using the Random feature in XRM Tokens maybe…? The sky is the limit! πŸš€
    Join the discussion in Issue #169!

Version 1.2023.11.2

Released on 2023-11-18

No fancy new features added, sorry, but it is a bit better than before!

Working with the latest XrmToolBox

No more annoying errors like this!


I’m working on…

  • Adding a feature to CREATE records, not only UPDATE and DELETE as exists currently.
    Why? To be able to generate records, maybe to testing-data, it could be using the Random feature in XRM Tokens maybe…? The sky is the limit! πŸš€
    Join the discussion in Issue #169!
  • Update with the preview feature from Microsoft: UpdateMultiple – updating a bunch a lot faster than ExecuteMultiple requests! Do you want that in BDU?
    Comment to Issue #195!

Version 1.2022.11.2

Released on 2022-11-11

Calculate with Microsoft Power Fx

This is a pretty cool feature…

The XRM Tokens have been there for a while, to calculate values for updating columns.

From this version, both this Bulk Data Updater and the XRM Tokens Runner can use the Microsoft Power Fx formulas, inside the XRM Tokens!

A few examples:

<PowerFx|Round({price|<value>}*(1+({pricelist.yearlyincrease}/100)); 2)>
Result: 10,35   // from price = $9,95 and increase = 4%

<PowerFx|Round( Pi() * Sqrt({rapp_diameter} / 2); 1 ))
Result: 22,2    // from diameter = 100

Result: 2022

Read more in the docs for XRM Tokens here!

Version 1.2022.11.1

Released on 2022-11-02


XRM Token feature

Version 1.2022.8.1

Released on 2022-08-02

Read all details: New Release – Bulk Data Updater 1.2022.8

  • New feature: Open and SaveBDU Jobs“. See #167 from the idea by @Rasmus Peterson in discussion #164.
  • Stores all options (FetchXML, Update attributes, Attributes actions, Assigning, SetStatus, and all execution options) between sessions.
  • Supports Random features in Calculations. See docs in XRM Tokens here. Asked about @k-Jithesh in discussion #163.
  • Supports Choices (MultiOptionSets) in Calculations. See note on XRM Tokens here and this about how to use it. Asked about @Suxsem in issue #166.
  • Supports Trim features in Calculation. See note on XRM Tokens here and request by @MscrmTools in #102.
  • Using XrmToolBox metadata cache if available. It takes a bit to load it, but then superfast. See the code.
  • A bit less risk of double-clicking on buttons. See code here and here.
  • Minor fix: Handling changing the connection while using BDU.
  • Fixing a bug in XRM Tokens – handling format order as it’s written, not any more hard-coded order. See issue #18.

Version 1.2022.4.2

Released on 2022-04-29

Read all details: New Release – Bulk Data Updater 1.2022.4

Version 1.2022.3.3

Released on 2022-03-19

  • Using DB version “old” had a problem, is now fixed. See #156 issue and this commit.
  • Release Notes moved to this website.
  • Show release notes when a new version is running.

Version 1.2022.2.1

Released on 2022-02-27

  • Minor fixes – gets a bit better!
  • Using XrmToolBox error messages.

Version 1.2022.1.1

Released on 2022-01-12

  • Use the tool to create calculated tokens: XRM Tokens Runner – now integrated with a simple click!
    See release on Twitter:

Version 1.2021.7.1

Released on 2021-07-22

  • Now using Rappen.XTB.Helpers with major support open source
  • Also removed the xrmtb.XrmToolBox.Controls library
  • Not now use ILMerge for more library
  • Using Scintilla for XML texts
  • Supporting updating Multi Select (Choices) (#30)
  • Fixed ‘Update xx entitys’ info (#139)
  • Only reload only small data (#149)
  • Showing local times for Friendly (#100)
  • Older Dynamics can try SetState (#117)
  • Performance improved (#150)
  • Calculate is only for string/memo (#148 start)
  • Added Documentation link

Version 1.2020.12.5

Released on 2020-12-14

  • Calculated column values! Read more at #18 #20 #38 #86
  • Nice and shiny lookup dialog used when setting lookup columns #36
  • Reloading last used query when opening the tool
  • Improved performance when retrieving records
  • Fixed bug when getting errors during Delete
  • Fixing integration from FetchXML Builder

Version 1.2019.12.1

Released on 2019-12-08

  • Reassign records to Team or User #19
  • Update Status and Status Reason #15
  • Support multi-line values for memo type attributes #11
  • Open records by double clicking in the grid #31
  • Handle Qualify/Win/Lose requests when changing status of Lead/Opportunity #32

Version 1.2019.6.1

Released on 2019-06-126

  • Added option to wait between calls to server. Thanks Mats Sundbergh @cint-mats! #29
  • XML attribute values with only space got trimmed, now fixed. #28
  • Incorrect warning text during Delete. #26
  • Errors were always ignored during Delete, not anymore. #25
  • Fixed tab-order for usability.
  • Rebranded for 2019.

Version 1.2018.10.2

Released on 2018-10-17

  • Option to only update/delete selected records #1
  • ExecuteMultiple for updates to improve performance #3
  • Retrieve all pages instead of just first page (5000 records) #16
  • Bulk Data Updater can now Bulk Delete too #21
  • Added possibility to cancel long running operations #22
  • Edit XML window did not resize well #24

Version 1.2018.6.1

Released on 2018-06-15

  • #14 Do not reload records when not needed
  • #17 Add support for attribute types Decimal, Double and Customer
  • Rebranding

Version 1.2018.4.1

Released on 2018-04-01

  • #9 It is now possible to update multiple attributes at the same time.
  • Adding AppInsights statistics.
  • Merging dependencies to prevent conflicting versions.

Version 1.2017.6.14

Released on 2017-06-13

  • Service update to use latest packages from XrmToolBox, MSDyn365 SDK and CRMWinForm to align with other plugins.
  • Possibility to update attributes of types Boolean, DateTime and Lookup (thanks to @medevil84)
  • Version check removed, now handled by XrmToolBox
  • Using SettingsManager from XrmToolBox
  • Hiding all attributes not available for update

Launch 1.2016.6.8

Released on 2016-06-16

This tool is useful to trigger workflows or plugins, as well as bulk updating any number of records with fixed values.
Note: This plugin requires the FetchXML Builder to be installed to work properly!