Missing XrmToolBox.PluginsStore – read and fix it here!

After some excellent updates to XrmToolBox, a few things have moved around in the backend code, which means some existing tools break down hard.

If you get an error message similar to this anywhere in XrmToolBox:

Missing XrmToolBox.PluginsStore.dll

Fix it like this

Download either of these links, whatever works for you:

  1. Take this dll file, and put it into the folder where the XrmToolBox.exe is run.
  2. Restart XrmToolBox.
  3. Tada – now it works!

Tool developers (at least me 🧑‍💻) are working hard
on updating our tools, so we can use
the Latest & Greatest features of XrmToolBox
and get rid of those issues.

And to get the tools to be awesomer.

9 thoughts on “Missing XrmToolBox.PluginsStore – read and fix it here!

  1. Thanks! I ran in to this, this moring. Your info got me quickly on my way.

  2. Hello Jonas,
    I tried to download the files but it’s not working.
    Thanks for your help,

    1. Nicolas – I suggest you to update FetchXML Builder! I release a new version today (1.2023.11) that works fine without extra dll’s.

  3. HI – I tried this but still getting error “could not load type ‘appinsights’ from assembly ‘xrmtoolbox version= 1.2023.6.65. culture=neutral, publickeytoken = null

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