FXB + EBG + code = ❤💥🚀

I released a new flavor of the existing feature Generate code for QueryExpression in FetchXML Builder for XrmToolBox!

The “flavor” is to generate code, using the Early Bound codes. Especially from Daryl LaBar’s tool Early Bound Generator.

Mini demo of Generate QueryExpression with flavor from Early Bound Generator for XrmToolBox.

So why did I add this new flavor?

I’m a kinda Late Bound coder, you all probably know…

But I was off, really off-off, from our work at CRMK for more than a year.

Then I came back, and I found this newie, young, with his looks, and I think he now has my title… And with his new technique.

Let’s stop just working Late Bound!, my new colleague Benedikt Bergmann said.

Well, I’m nice, I just applied to what the new Tech Lead said, and use the EBG tool.

So I did.

Working with early bound, it works. It’s ok. Well, not as good as late bound… but anyway.

When I should write code that retrieves data from Dataverse, I use my help from the FetchXML Builder. Why not?

But, hm, you know, too bad I had to convert manually from the generated QueryExpression’s simple strings, to use the attribute’s constants from the EBG-generated.

That’s boooring work…

So I created this new flavor.

My life is nicer

My days at work are now so much easier! So smooth… So nice…

Better code mainly!

Try it!

Read all details from this release: Kanye LaBar 808s Release 1.2022.11

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