Custom Translations – the Easy Way

In many customer projects and products, I have built solutions for managing translations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CDS / CRM.
Sure, the metadata can be translated to show labels etc in the language of the user, but having a custom solution for translations ensures localized content for texts that are shown to the user from code or automation.

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Balancing Cool Tech, Usability and TCO

I’m a techie.
I like new, shiny,
cool stuff.

Newest however, usually
And customers usually like cheap.

Users don’t care about either.
They just want a system that
empowers more than it obstructs.

So how do you find the balance between the three? Is it even possible? Or is it just another
Project Management Triangle?

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The Milliseconds Are Here!

Ever since I started using the Plugin Trace Log for investigation of my plugins around three years ago, I have wondered why we don’t have timestamps with better granularity than seconds.
As I expressed it in an article from 2017:

Given the CPU power we have today, it is just incomprehensible why we should not get more detail in the timing of plugin execution.
It is like defining my age by saying I was born sometime during the second half of the 20th century.

From A Canary in CRM
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We create XrmToolBox tools at Dynamics 365 Saturdays!

Jonas Rapp creating XrmToolBox tools at D365 Saturdays

The community of developers for Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM in general and for XrmToolBox in particular is a great bunch of people. But I wish there were more of us – the more the merrier ?

The D365 Saturday phenomenon with pro bono speakers at a full day event, free of charge for participants, has spread like wildfire over the last couple of years.
The connection to the XrmToolBox is obvious:

  • Both were started by CRM heroes (Raz for the Saturdays and Tanguy for the toolbox).
  • Both are driven by a passion to share and a love for the platform.
  • Both do these things without any ambition to “get rich quick” (or ever).

I got an idea to combine these two phenomena.

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We created an XrmToolBox tool at Dynamics 365 Saturday Stockholm!

Last Saturday some 100+ experts, partners and user of Microsoft Dynamics 365 met up at the Microsoft offices in Stockholm, Sweden for a day packed with content at the Dynamics 365 Saturday event.

I delivered two sessions at the event, and in one of them I took on a somewhat challenging session called

Let’s build an XrmToolBox tool!

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Managed or Unmanaged solutions – a hot case still slightly open

The case is obviously not entirely closed.

My recent article Case closed: Managed or Unmanaged solutions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM received a lot of attention, and sparked writers, podcasters, tweeters and commenters around the world to give feedback, yell at me, agree with me, or simply continue the discussion both publicly and privately.

Readers of the “Case Closed” article last week.

I have received virtual hugs and probably lost quite a few followers.

I really enjoy following and participating in the discussion, and one comment I got today from Anthony Ellis (read it here) inspired me to write a follow-up article. So here it goes.

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Case closed: Managed or Unmanaged solutions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM

If you have problems shifting gears in your car, you don’t call Volvo to say “Hey, I don’t like how this gear shifting thing works, so I’m just going to use reverse and drive backwards from now on.”
What you probably do is call them to say “I’m having trouble shifting, you need to fix the problems or show me how to use it properly.

Ever since Microsoft introduced the Solution platform with Dynamics CRM 2011, there has been an ongoing and never ending discussion about whether to deploy managed or unmanaged solutions.

I can’t say I can end the discussions or solve all problems. But I will try to convince you – there is no discussion.

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